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Silvia S13 S14 S15 240SX SR20DET Schedule 40 Bottom Mount Turbo Manifold

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Product Description

Brand New TOP SPEED PRO-1  Schedule 40 Material SR20DET Bottom Mount Turbo Manifold 

Mandrel Bend Piping + TIG Welding ,Actual picture shown 
Nissan Silvia S13 S14 S15 or 240SX with SR20DET Swap 
New Release Header Application from Top Speed Pro-1

3mm Thickness Piping in Schedule 40 Material / Triple Penetration TIG Welding / Will not break on Piping and Welding 

Turbo Manifold Spec:

Fits T25 / T28 / GT25 / GT28RS Turbo
Manifold will Not Crack or Break for High Boost Turbo's for Race & Drifting
Lifetime Warranty on This Header as long you are original owner  
List Price $449.99 / Introduction Sales $399.99 Limited to First 3 Buyers Only

Schedule 40 pipe, Galvanized


Basic Use:

Schedule 40 pipe for use as end, corner or line posts, and rails, for commercial, industrial and institutional installations Schedule 40 pipe is the historically used material for this purpose. The requirements for this material are contained in various government specifications for use in road, dock, airport, housing, forestry, and military installations.

Schedule 40 pipe is typically used in installations which incorporate zinc-coated or aluminum-coated steel chain link fence fabric, although it may be specified for use with other types of fabric, i.e. PVC coated.


American Society of Testing and Materials International ASTM F1083

American Society of Testing and Materials International ASTM F1043 Group IA

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials AASHTO M 181 – Grade 1

Federal Specifications RR-F-191/2E and RR-F-191/3E

Army Corps of Engineers UFGS-32 31 13 Federal Aeronautics Administration AC

150/5370-10E ITEM F-162 Department of the Navy U.S. Department of Justice – Federal



Galvanized Steel Framework:

The informationcontainedhereinfor hot- dipped galvanized welded steel pipe covers two options of ASTM F1083 hot-dipped galvanized schedule 40 welded steel pipe, Regular Grade and High Strength Grade. The accompanying tables show the different options have the same dimensions, wall thickness, weight per linear foot, galvanized coating and tolerances. The Grade signifies the yield strength of the schedule 40 pipe.

Grade Yield Strength:

Regular Grade - Yield Strength, min.30,000 psi High Strength Grade - Yield Strength, min.50,000 psi

Coating Requirements:

The Pipe shall be coated inside and out by the hot-dip process. The average weight of zinc coating shall be not less than 1.8 oz/ftof the outside surface and 1.8 oz/ ftof the inside surface. A 2.0 oz/ftzinc coating weight is available upon request. A conversion coating is also applied to the interior and exterior surfaces to protect against corrosion and white rust.


Periodic inspection is recommended but no routine maintenance is required.



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