BMW E60 M5 V10 5.0L 06-10 Rear Section Performance Exhaust System

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Dyno Results Provided by Actual Customer from Houston,TX Courtesy Phi Dinh:

Actual Dyno Specs Details:


Traction Control OFF

4 Gear pulled to 8500RPM

The DYNOJET I used at this location always dynos lower then other locations for some reason. If one car dynoed at another location in Houston they would get XXX amount of HP, then when they come to the shop I got my dyno at it will get much lower results

I do know for a fact that the shop I got my dyno at has the latest WinPIP update, and most shops don't do the update because it cost $1,000.00 for this update. This may be the reason why their number are lower then other Dynojets in the area.

We used this dyno session only as a tool to see the results of the before and after of the exhaust.

This was my dyno method:

1.) From cool down, Dyno car with 3 pulls, two minutes in between pulls
2.) Left to exhaust shop to install exhaust
3.) Returned to shop for second dyno in less then 1 hour
4.) From cool down, Ran another 3 pulls, two minutes in between pulls
The car was stock set up dynoed originally. Dynoed @ 414.15 RWHP
Installed the exhaust and ran the second session. Dynoed @ 420.50 RWHP / Gain 6.35 RWHP
The main purpose of the Dyno is to see the results of the before exhaust installed and after installed.
This is Dyno proves that their are gains with the exhaust, and the dyno was performed ideally as a dyno should be ran on the same day, same temp, and enviroment as it should be ran and to be used as a performance reading tool.
This is a Brand New, custom-made rear section exhaust system with quad oval tips. Genuine 100% T-304 stainless steel with TIG welding. This is not an Eisenmann unit, but the exhaust quality is top-notch excellent...and guaranteed!!!
For BMW E60 M5 V10 5.0L 06-10   
Detail Specs: 2.5" I.D. Piping with Quad 129mm x 76mm Oval Tips in All Polished Stainless Steel Mandrel Bend Piping with TIG Weld Actual Exhaust show in pictures

This Exhaust will Required Cutting off Stock Exhaust and Installed with Exhaust Clamps or Welding / Professional installation Required. (Auction for Right + Left Side Exhaust only / 2 x Exhaust Clamps included).


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