Infiniti G37 Coupe 08-13 Top Speed Pro-1 Upgrade Axle-back Exhaust System

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Infinite G37 Coupe VQ37VHR 08-13 Dual Straight Pipe Axle-back Exhaust System in Polished Stainless Steel with TIG Welding with Bevel Edge 102mm Tips / 60mm Piping  ***Stock exhaust are not very aggressive tone sound even though its very well engineered design exhaust set up. Our Top Speed Pro-1 Rear Axle-back Exhaust are perfect upgrade and still compatible with Stock  Mid Pipe / Once installed your G37 Coupe  will have more deeper tone with louder exhaust notes than Stock exhaust set up +  Exhaust tips are angle cut design and will extend over the Rear Diffuser/Bumper by 0.5" which will eliminate the Black smoke built up. Actual picture shown  / New Bolts + Gaskets Included / Very Nice Deep Tone Sound*** No C.A.R.B Exempt for California Customers.
For All TOP SPEED PRO-1 Dual Exhaust Systems:
Special note for exhaust installation on the rear section exhaust installation, if you tighten the nuts & bolts on the exhaust on one side and move on to the other side the exhaust on left and right will not line up evenly and will be off in position. Please tighten the nuts & bolts in rotation, right -> left -> right -> left  and adjust the position of exhaust & exhaust hangers before tighten both side exhaust nuts & bolts.
For best results have a helper to stand behind the rear of your car to visually direct you to perfect installation.

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7 Reviews

  • 5
    Mean sound

    Posted by Curtis Cooper on 27th May 2020

    The install was painless and the tone is much deeper with more of a throaty disposition.

  • 4
    better than I thought

    Posted by jacquelyn on 2nd Dec 2019

    A bit louder than I expected, but the sound is great, it drones a bit after 3500/4k, a little worried I'll get pulled over but we'll see.

  • 5
    Quality and cost efficient

    Posted by chris on 17th Jun 2019

    For the price you pay and quality of the exhaust this axle back performs very well. With a fully stock exhaust and only the axleback The tone is deep and not too raspy at all, and accenting the deep tone you do get quite a good amount of pops and crackles from the exhaust. Although your cold starts will still alert the neighbors you will be quiet when you want to and loud when you want too. There is a lot of drone at 4K but definitely tolerable compared to other set ups. I would recommend this to anyone looking to add a nice tone to their car without being aggressively loud and attracting too much attention.

  • 5
    Great tone no Drone!

    Posted by anonymous on 30th Nov 2017

    Bought this for my 2012 G37X Sport Coupe. Nice sound, loud at higher rpm's, but mild at idle. No interior drone in the back seat. Great price

  • 5

    Posted by Ryan on 7th Mar 2017

    The sound a quality you get out of this product for a very reasonable price is incredible. It has a great rumble at idle and really shines when at higher RPM's. If you are hesitant to get this product because of forums talking about how bad the finish was and how bad fitment was, don't be hesitant any longer. They look great and have a fantastic finish, and the fitment was perfect. The hangers hit all three of the rubber mounts with no problem (no hammering needed), and it was a simple 45 minute installation. If you own a G37 and want a great sound, by far better than stock, then go with this product, because it's everything you are looking for at such a low price.

  • 5
    Wayyyyyyyy louder than i expected but loved it.

    Posted by anonymous on 24th Jun 2016

    No rasp and gives a great rumble at idle and especially at startup. I feel the air flowing through the pipes now it's truly amazing for the price.

  • 5
    NICE sound

    Posted by Steven on 17th Aug 2015

    Love the axle back straight pipe. Great sound on them.

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