Infiniti G37 VQ37VHR 09-13 Dual Carbon Fiber Air Intake Systems + K&N Filters

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G35 | G37
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TOP SPEED PRO-1 Dual Carbon Fiber Air Intake Kit 
Infiniti G37 Coupe & Sedan VQ37VHR  09-13 
Dual Carbon Fiber Air Intake Pipes +  K&N Airfilter included x 2  Part #RU-2790 
This is for Filter Charger Kit
Installation Instructions Included 
The Stock Plastic Pipe are Restrictive with built in Resonator and Flex sections

This New Carbon Fiber Intake Pipe will have More Smooth Flow without Resonator
Carbon Fiber is best material for Intake which kept the Air Cool compared with other Aluminum Materials, Specially during Hot Summer

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