Lexus IS200T IS250 IS300 IS350 Base & F-Sport Sedan 14-19 Top Speed Full Titanium Axle-Back Exhaust System

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TOP SPEED PRO-1 Dual Axleback Exhaust System (Resonator Style)

100% Full Titanium  with TIG Welding with 102mm Tips / 63mm OD Piping

Lexus IS200T / IS250 / IS300 / IS350 Base & F-Sport Sedan 14-19  

Stock exhausts are not very aggressive tone sound even though its very well engineered design exhaust set up.
Our Top Speed Pro-1 Rear Axleback Exhaust are perfect upgrade and still compatible with Stock Mid Pipe / Once installed your IS will have deeper tone with louder exhaust notes than Stock exhaust set up + Exhaust tips are beveled angle cut design and will extend over the Rear Diffuser/Bumper by 0.5" which will eliminate the Black smoke built up.

New Bolts + Gaskets Included / Very Nice Deep Tone Sound

No C.A.R.B Exemption for California Customers.

Fitment Guaranteed

Free Ground Shipping within USA Domestic

For All TOP SPEED PRO-1 Dual Exhaust Systems:

Special note for exhaust installation on the rear section exhaust installation, if you tighten the nuts&bolts on the exhaust on one side and move on to the other side the exhaust on left and right will not line up evenly and will be off in position.
Please tighten the nuts&bolts in rotation, right -> left -> right -> left  and adjust the position of exhaust & exhaust hangers before tighten both side exhaust nuts&bolts.
For best results have a helper to stand behind the rear of your car to visually direct you to perfect installation.
Thank you for using TOP SPEED PRO-1 Exhaust System & Enjoy !
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