Universal 114MM 4.5" Slide on Carbon Fiber Tip Exhaust Upgrade (Angle Cut)

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TOP SPEED PRO-1 Genuine Matte Black Carbon Fiber Slide on Exhaust Tip (Angle Cut/Slant Cut) in 114mm 4.5"ID / 116mm OD
Actual Pictures Before and After  *** 
Fits all Exhaust System as long the Tip Size is 114MM / 4.5"OD 
The Exhaust in Picture is not Included /This is Just for the Carbon Fiber Tip 
Locking Bolt Included 
Many Customers wanted the Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips but due to High Price tag and settled with Stainless Steel Exhaust
Now You can Just add these Geniune Matte Black Carbon Fiber Tip to your Exhaust and Upgrade to Carbon Fiber without the High Price Tag .

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