Universal Oval AMG Look Slide on Titanium Look Tips Exhaust Upgrade (116MM + 85MM)

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TOP SPEED PRO-1  T304 stainless steel universal Mercedes Benz AMG style titanium color coated exhaust / muffler dual oval tips

116mm x 85mm  with 61mm O.D / 58mm I.D piping.
Fits all exhaust systems as long the exhaust piping is under 58mm in O.D. 
Many customers have wanted the looks of a Mercedes Benz AMG exhaust for their vehicle but it's not always you can get your exhaust to have the AMG look with these tips! Simply have an exhaust muffler shop weld these on. Just make sure your rear bumper has enough clearance space for 242mm x 85mm and that the exhaust piping is under 58mm O.D.
For customers wanting the polished finish tips:
You can simply use 2000 grit sandpaper to remove the titanium color to achieve a polished finish look. 

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