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Happy Customer on Maserati Quattroporte Exhaust System

Posted by Top Speed Pro1 on

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After hearing several exhausts for the Quattroporte I felt it was important to get a true unequal length through muffler quad exit exhaust. I found a company that makes a very finely crafted exhaust that few in the QP community are aware of. Top Speed Pro 1 is very popular for their quality JDM exhausts and I am hoping to shed some light on this excellent product. I may be installing their mufflers along with a custom X Pipe resenator delete to get the sound as Italian as possible. Sadly many of the exhausts on the market take away the harmonic resonance and replace it with pure V8 Americana style noise which, to my ear is the wrong call. Stay tuned for a new episode coming to YouTube soon! #timsenthusiastgarage#maserati#quattroporte#m139quattroporte#topspeedpro1#youtuber#carcollector

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