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​Titanium VS Stainless Steel: Why is Titanium worth the extra coin?

Posted by top speed pro1 on

Titanium VS Stainless Steel: Why is Titanium worth the extra coin?

Stainless Steel has been used widely in performance exhaust systems for decades, but with the new up and coming use of titanium, you're probably wondering: What's all the buzz about?

The most noticeable aspect is the weight difference. Titanium Is 40-50% lighter then Stainless, depending on the system. At the SEMA show in 2018 we watched the faces of thousands of people light up in pure shock, as we handed them our stainless steel Gallardo Race exhaust (weighing in at just about 20 lbs) And then the 6 pound titanium counterpart, both systems identical in shape and size.

All weight savings aside, it is best to note how strong titanium is, The same thickness titanium tubing is twice as strong as an identical piece of stainless steel. Therefore we are able to use a thin, lightweight tubing, without compromising any strength. Making our systems some of the strongest and lightest on the market without breaking the bank.

Cosmetically, Titanium is beautiful, even in raw form its easy to tell titanium is an extremely high quality precious metal. Each and every hand-tigged pie-cut weld will turn a different shade of bronze or gold to blue and purple based on the amount of heat and gas used. Once one of our titanium systems is completed it undergoes a full polishing procedure to ensure a high quality mirror like finish, At this time we burn the tips and cannisters blue. After installation and the vehicle has been driven, causing the system to heat cycle, It will naturally turn colors showing which parts of the system get the hottest.

Last but not least, and the main reason your in the market for a new exhaust; The sound! Our ultra thin titanium tubing allows for a much more crisp and metallic, aggressive, exotic exhaust note. Giving even common cars the ability to sound like a high-end exotic.

In conclusion, weather your car is a track proven beast, best in class show car, or even a lightly modified daily driver, We have a Titanium exhaust you are absolutely going to love.

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