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Top Speed Titanium Exhaust System BMW M3 E92 E46 Evo X Ferrari 355 F355 F360 F430 F458 Nissan GTR Nissan Skyline Titanium

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There are many benefits of a Titanium exhaust system. A performance titanium system is a great all around upgrade whether you are daily driving or enjoying a weekend at the track. The titanium found in our exhaust system has many advantages over the traditional stainless or mild steel found in most aftermarket exhaust systems. One advantage is its high strength to weight ratio, allowing us to manufacture extremely strong and rigid exhaust systems while providing a substantial weight savings over the factory exhaust system. Since titanium is stronger and lighter than steel we are able to provide an exhaust system that withstands abuse better than its steel counterparts while weighing only a fraction of a factory exhaust system. Titanium maintains its strength and characteristics easily in temperatures above 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Titanium is less susceptible to rust, dulling and corrosion. Typically titanium is used in the most demanding jobs including aerospace applications such as air frames, aircraft engines, compressor blades, cryogenics, deep sea vessels, steam turbine blades, rocket motors, weapons ordinance components and more.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 EVO-X 08-15 Full Titanium Exhaust System Systems

Porsche Boxster & Boxster S 13-16 Full Titanium Performance Exhaust Systems

BMW E90 E92 M3 08-13 100% Full Titanium Rear Section Exhaust System

Porsche 911 996 Twin Turbo 00-05 Titanium Dual Performance Exhaust System

Lamborghini Gallardo 04-08 Race Spec X-Pipe 100% Full Titanium Exhaust System

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