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*These Wheels are Special order item and will ship out direct from Japan take 45-60 Days for Delivery.
*These wheels are sold per each, available on the following Sizes and Specs.
*You can Mix and Match the Sizes for Staggered set up.
*Please CONTACT US if you have any questions.

The GTC01RR is made after one of our strongest wheels, the GTC01. After vast research, we were able to keep the high rigidity while making it lightweight, comparable to the RPF1. The GTC01RR has been tested in high-performance categories including cornering, braking, acceleration, deceleration, and steering response. The GTC01RR is available in three different concave faces.

「GTC01」 レーシングレボリューションコンセプトホイール
■ 応力分散、ブレーキ冷却に優れる2×6マルチスポークコンケイブデザイン
■ レーシングホイールレベルの高い基本性能を獲得したモデル

  • Sizes 18″
  • Matte Gunmetal
  • Includes two red Enkei Racing badges
  • Spec-E Inspected
  • MAT Process



MAT Technology

Enkei developed a new manufacturing process to produce the next aluminum wheel generation. The Most Advanced Technology (M.A.T) combines one-piece cast wheel technology with a rim forming technology called spinning process. Using this new technology of casting and rim forming by M.A.T process, is critical to improve drastically the material property and strength of the wheels. Rim-Rolled technology shapes the rim to improve material elongation without sacrificing the wheels hardness.

All Enkei wheels are engineered to pass rigorous testing. In fact, Enkei established its own test standard called “Spec-E,” which is tougher than JWL requirements. Enkei’s Spec-E test setting requires a higher drop point in the impact test and 20% more cycles for the rotary bending fatigue and dynamic radial fatigue tests than JWL standards.The Spec-E represents Enkei’s confidence in its technology and quality of Enkei wheels.

F1 Racing Grade

Introducing Enkei's Racing Series. Enkei's experience in producing wheels for race cars is unrivaled. Enkei is actively involved in supplying wheels for Formula 1. WRC, Japan GT Championship. Super Taikyu, Formula Drift and many others. The racetrack is our laboratory. We've taken what we've learned in racing and are proud to offer the same technology found on racetracks all over the world to auto enthusiasts looking for a no compromise wheel solution for their cars. Enkei's state of the art facilities in Japan utilze MAT technology to achieve the ultimate in lightness and strength for our racing series wheels, while maintaining excellent value. When you demand the very best, look no further than Enkei's racing series.



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